They have your money, so why help you now. I wish it was only 4 days working... but that I would wish for all my jobs..!! VIC-CC VIRTUAL: Bringing your career courses home. Very bad college. And others did not. Again, similar to many posts-very discriminatory toward students and staff (depending on which person likes you). Had to run back and forth from the Surrey to the Gateway campus as nothing was organized. They become your best friend, do anything to make you feel welcome and get you to sign that paper. “ end quote. bunch of liars !!! CanAnyoneHelpMe?, you can complaint any college via PCTIA website. You will regret it. They want to get you started “right” away, waste no time to help you apply for financial assistance. Bottom line is they frauded me and tricked me and mis appropriated $8,000.00 which I now owe to the government. For two weeks, they kept calling my cell EVERY SINGLE DAY. I also think it depends on what course you are taking. so yeah. I went to Vancouver Career College for the Paralegal Diploma program because I was fresh out of high school and just needed to do something. When a potential student walks in or inquires online, the eyes of the recruiters light up and all they see is a big ‘ol “$”. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. now they are asking me to pay half a gran to pay for my ipad when clearly they state in their website and may i copy paste it here. Based on the fact the above commenters do not have a grasp of the English language and can’t spell I am assuming that this College is the ONLY College that would accept you as students. That was twice once a week. * Complaints and concerns are looked into efficiently . Are u crazy?! 18 were here. I can’t stand to even look at them most days cause I know at first they saw me as money, now they see me as stupid for going to this school. However, it seemed like an online course since some of my courses there was no learning from the instructor. If I met my target, I will be able to cover my next months rent check. Triple the price. After being in the legal field it also became apparent to me how little they touched on in each course. its your money they want to take. Now I’m $20000 in debt. We are thrilled to hear your time at Vancouver Career College has been a positive and rewarding experience and that you feel supported in your team. ggggeeeeezzzz, I can just imagine what kind of sales target the reps have…If anyone tries THAT hard to get you on their sales pitch, you’ve got to watch out.Just use commonsense: reputable and recognized schools like Vancouver Community College, Douglas College and Langara don’t call you non stop for campus tours. They don’t assist in finding you a practicum. Im going to a actual university now, half the price and teachers you can trust. The Globe and Mail and CBC market place are also working on the story and it will be published soon. Programs offered at Vancouver campus. I have to say that if you can not fallow the simplest rules such as being punctual, completing assignments in deadline or respecting all the ideas how can you be a trustable ECE for parents? RUN AWAY!! No longer at VCC but at SSCC. Instead, go to regular government school…. this college don’t even give proper practicums and I had to wait so long for practicum from the practicum coordinator. Terrible college, I learned nothing from my program. Vcc is a total joke…word has it dino cabalfin was fired for not only harasament but also stealing money from the college! This school is totally ridiculous. It was listed on the ITA approved school for trades program. It was just a piece of paper that I paid alot of money to get. We have about 5-6 women from different parts of the world in the class. VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE IS THE WORST COLLEGE IN VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA!! They will do nothing then punish the student for it. Students should be qualified thoroughly before being acceptedand same with the staff. Also I pretty much taught myself the majority of the course, even though I paid for an on campus course . In order to survive the politic and competitive environment at the campus I had no choice but do anything to recruit a student. THEY NEVER HELP YOU FOR A PRACTÄ°CUM PLACE!!!! this is not a college but money making piggy bank. Im so concerned after everything I have read. First off they charge more for that course then any other college does, the practicum coordinator jolanada is absoulty ridiculous she had no connections in the legal field and was scrambling to place people ( which none of them got hired ) . It is highly overpriced and most companies will not hire vcc graduates. it’s a complete sham to pretend to send qualified people into real world practice-then again they are for PROFIT. I have told the director this information, but all he did was shake his head in disbelief. Ipad ebooks, yeah they use it to lure you in they campus. SHES THE WORSE TEACHER EVER. I know of someone who took the electricians program and was not allowed to take the provincial exam. Get your credentials, upgrade and wait for the goddamm waiting lists. I should have looked more carefully into the school (negative reviews have been extremely accurate). People whom can’t pass a basic entrance exam are helped to pass, just to get them to enrol l, so the rep can make their commission. * Complaints and concerns are looked into efficiently . a really shitty, money making school. !, JUST GOOGLE VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE REVIEWS! Tho Dino and Michelle are quite the arrogant money hungry jerks. THEY WILL JUST GET YOU BANKRUPTED FOR.. MAYBE ABOUT 10 YEARS OR SO. Very unprofessional. It is a rip off a con school they do not change lives through education they destroy them. We face weekly bombardment on meeting the numbers and head count. We all miss her. Vancouver career college the worst school I ever imagine. Even that, the rep still tried hard to get me to have a “campus tour”, and you can tell, the rep was kind of reading from a script. Everything is expected to be self taught, they will ALWAYS tell you to “look it up” when you have a question. The school is teerible. JUST GOOGLE VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE REVIEWS!! But the school does have your money and you must be one in hundreds who have had a positive experience. And one more thing, please fix that “time management” of yours, don’t put your students on spot because you are always late? I told her and she was caught in a lie and she tries to sell the fact that the practicum which bcit doesn’t offer and the “extensive” employer list they are affiliated with makes up for the extra 7000$. ONE YEAR OF MY LIFE GONE!!!!! Voice your opinion? My career counselor let me know asap. They were very friendly and gave me a pre-entry exam. September 4, 2019 – Human Resources Manager. Marks don’t count, you do well because they drill the information by repitition. how come it isnt in my contract/tuition fee if its not optional NOT to have it?! A complete waste of time be weary of these con artist fraud\’s. I have seen so many professors in my academic life and Rubina Raza is one of the sophisticated ones. I took Medical Office assistant from Surrey Campus and seriously, my advise is not to attend this school unless you want to waste your money. the only question i got correct on mathematics were the simple additions, subtractions, multiplications and division questions and that was enough to pass me even without doing the high school level math questions. While at the kelowna campus, I paid the full $20 000 with a student loan. 604-605-2028 or email: They say they have practicum placement, but when it comes time you have to find it yourself. I attended one of their programs and advise against going here. The head principle guy disclosed my private information to my parents. Students are being enrolled in a unethical mannersometimes two or three months before their actual start dates. We are glad to hear your time at Vancouver Career College has been a positive and rewarding experience and that you enjoyed working with us. The admissions rep will do anything to trap you to be enrolled. A daughter of Satan, she believes in old-fashion way of teaching, strict, but she always says things into different way, into a nice way. I went to the coquitlam campus for the addictions course and it was bogus. Since our numbers have been growing faster than we expected we have decided to fonn astudent union because no one should be treated unfairly and to get EmploymentStandards involved we the majority employees are fonning a union to put an end tounfairness. BUT WAIT! Vancouver Career College is dedicated to providing students with the highest standard of education and career training, with all programs granted approval by the provincial government of British Columbia. My confidence has went down and my choice of career had changed due to being in a such a negative environment. When I went to administration myself, although they said they were very approachable they were immediately defensive and bullying, said they would help but didn’t. Our custom Learning Management System will also allow you to set the pace of your studies and interact with classmates and instructors even when you’re not in class!At VCCollege, your success is our number one goal!”. World Ranking: N/A; Ranking in Country: … The first few months went smooth but after they get the money they don’t care. Our ECE and TESL programs teach students about instruction, activity and program planning, and student evaluation and assessment. Everyone is accepted even if they are legally blind. The college is registered as a career college with Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. They are mostly registered to be able to get a visa and stay in Canada. Do not go to this College. Completely un professional. Apply through GSI to get the chance of FREE application fee. The school is well known for its spiritual program, outstanding academics, expansive extra and co-curricular program, and high caliber teaching staff. I feel I am in daycare. The Vancouver Career College is a first-rate private training provider and is entirely accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia. The teachers are not real teachers just some care aides or LPN that graduated a couple of years ago. Their students do not speak a word of english. Vancouver career college the worst school I ever imagine. !INSTRUCTORS ARE TOO BAD!! I am enjoying a new career right after my graduation. forst she said she called so many places and waiting and then few days before my start date of practicum she only calls me to ask me if i have found a practicum for my self. There is no consistency from campus to campus and staff should have a good commandof the English language! I am ECE student and I am so happy to choose this college and getting to know an educated instructor such as Rubina Raza. Rest assured the campus will run best without this bully, THIS SCHOOL IS A PIGGY BANK COLLEGE!! They are so disorganized, I never knew what class I was taking next or what room I was in, as they were always changing. Full of shitttttt.Just reaping your money, I hope one day they will choke from it. Our curriculum has been developed based on input from professionals in the areas of business, education, healthcare, art and design, legal studies and trades.. Anyone considering school should do your research, there are a lot of private colleges out there, but which is the best. Contact our experts to see if you're a good candidate for our top MBA programs... all our programs are accredited by AACSB! Full of shitttttt.Just raping your money I hope one day they will choke with it. I told her I had to think about the costs yet she kept pushing me to get a student loan because this is for my future and I must act now! We demand that you ask your staff and geta consensus of who hired who and who do they know within the company and if theyworked together elsewhere. Dont try to pacify the already bad reputation of your so called “School” You know what you have been doing…. I tell my friends and family all the time,that I am blessed to be working in this company and with amazing people in the downtown Campus..We are a family! Worst school ever. I know quite a few people who have graduated from this campus and have found jobs within the 1st couple of months. I guarantee that you will regret 99% going to that school. I was a electrical student from surrey campus and believe me after ripping you off they don’t care about you. Let me tell you the truth , this place is only about the money and that’s it ….. my intructor got changed , I was told to take on a job that paid $13/hr and I paid $17k for my prg …. Remember the person you hired to run your company is the same person who wasbidding against you with CCI to buy it out under your nose with his “investors”. THIS SCHOOL IS A PIGGY BANK COLLEGE!! We're glad to hear that your time at Vancouver Career College has been positive. I ask, how do you know they will even be teaching at an English speaking daycare? He has been seen drunk with studentsat bars and touching them in a very inappropriate manner. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. and to anonymous, Thank you for writing that letter. The instructors have the the same academic credentials being offered to the students upon completion of their program. I went to 4 different colleges, VCC, CDI , Sprott Shaw new west before deciding on MTI. WORST COLLEGE I’VE EVER ATTENDED IN MY LIFE, if you love yourself, don’t go to that school.The teachers were horrible people. The student promptly shut up. CHAD ANDERSON THE ATTORNEY OF VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE SUPPORTS BULLYING!! Perhaps you are getting the “extra” help, which is great. Please also realize that accusing anyone of a felony (serious crime) is against our Terms of Service (criminal matters such as assault or violence should be immediately reported to the local police or appropriate authorities). Thank you for the review and for the feedback! Listen up ! Acupuncture Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care … I trusted my gut and said I don’t have the money with me and will do it tomorrow. If you have any further suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to reach out at Favoritism prevails with this institution, as it is not a college. Talk about sabotage, and we have voice and video proof of Randyblabbering his mouth about going public so he and his hired friends can take control ofthe company because they them you’re a cheap Korean Jew. Accounting & Payroll Administrator Business Administration Management Business and Digital Marketing Management Business and Digital Marketing Management with Co-op … WASTE OF TIME. *Positive work environment. We just had one of those Radio Shack electronics kits to mess around with no expected outcome/goal. THEY’RE ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!!! Business and Digital Marketing Management Social Media and Web Marketing Social Media Marketing Supply Chain Management. thanks vcc. This school is a joke! Official MBA partner of The Economist. You can move on and have to redo the course and pay again. I would like the school to refund part of my tuition fees since some courses I didn’t get a single teaching from the instructor. This ishow the price was driven up and Randy Cox couldn’t come up with the funds to outbidDr. Don’t go cutting down people because of innocent ignorance. We already processed all student refunds for incomplete courses / programs. Thank you for the review and happy 1-year anniversary with Vancouver Career College! You may as well do the course from home because they just make you read the book at school with very little practical. Spelling mistakes in emails, on transcripts and just about everything else. Joining students for cigarettes during breaks and talking about personal life.. All you have to do is memorize it. They wear uggs and sweat pants to school, and don’t know how to run the front desk, the finance department is absolutely awful to deal with. We are sorry that your experience at Vancouver Career College has been a difficult one. Students feel frustrated with the campus directors because they cannot fulfil what hasbeen promised to the student. But financila process in this college controls so progressive and good!!! I liked that our instructor cared for all of us, he gives information and tips on how we can be successful when we start working in the school system. “I've been going to Langara for … His excuse was “this is studying time”.What’s the point in even having those 2 hours of course time when you could do that studying at home?? !And the schedules, ahhhh !!!!! Felt really uneasy & uncomfortable after that, and decided not to go back again, they will call you everyday !!! At VIC-CC, the health of our students and staff is paramount. *FOR FUTURE AND ALL STUDENTS* INTERESTED IN PLUMBING, DO NOT GO TO THIS FUCKING FAKE, FULL OF LIES, BROKEN PROMISES COLLEGE. ONCE THEY GET YOUR MONEY THEY NO LONGER CARE. so may students are not being heard. They told me MY BOOKS are included in my tuition fee, that ipads can be optional, that I can refund my book/ipad fees if I do not want them. So she agrees and gives me her cell phone number (have you ever heard of a post secondary addmissions giving you their cell phone number to ensure you enroll?) When i got home, i read a ton of reviews for VCC and am so glad I didn’t enroll, this is the tuition difference for the trade I wantedBCITtuition – 3000$books – 978$registration – 75$, VCCtuition – 9000$books – 1800$registration – 150$. I am using the valuable information I learnt during my studies there in my day to day job and whenever I have questions my instructor is always there to help me. * More than one Assistant director of admissions staff member to answer any queries or concerns regarding various programs that Vancouver Career College offers including that ones offered at a different location. The school couldn’t keep a teacher for a month at a time. Sometimes they question the intelligence of this company for hiringsuch an incompetent individuals such as yourself.” – common quote from the majority.The purpose of this letter is to notify you ALL but most importantly Dr. Peter Chungabout what upper, middle, and lower management is doing behind his back and thenegative and devastating effect it’s about to take on the company(s). Vancouver Career College is dedicated to providing students with the highest standard of education and career training in Business, Healthcare, Early Childhood Education, Art & Design, Legal Studies and Trades. so as long as they get there fat check they don’t seem to care about the material/subject matter of the courses. The admission lady will make it sound like a wonderful investment and that you will easily be able to pay off any student loans, however I have heard from numerous reviews and people, employers will not hire from this school so good luck finding a job afterwards. When we asked questions she didn’t know the answers and she’s not a professional instructor at all. All have been in news for infamous reasons. I never missed a day, passed the ITA test, but never got a job out of this. Cheryl is not professional all she foes is play hang man all day. But I found out the reason she passed was because she was teachers pet. Obviously this school isn’t in the top one hundred best colleges in the province. Don’t whine after you’ve been stiffed, you should have done your research. Instructiors are not professional and proper to teach. I attended VCC to get my ECE. A fair practice would be to hireand promote within if you want success. How can these people look at themselves in the mirror everyday knowing that they’ve cheated people out of a proper education? I won’t recommend this school to anyone! Graduates of select Vancouver Career College programs are now eligible for entry into BCIT’s Advanced Diploma in Business Management.By completing the pathway, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a BCIT Business Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in addition to your Vancouver Career College diploma. DONT ATTEND THAT SCHOOL. Administration Reps 75% of them are useless. Employee experience is an important priority for us and your feedback plays a direct role in making future improvements - so thank you for helping with this! Much cheaper and way better learning. I believe it’s a great college for new comers and international students. Everyone that works there is useless too. EMINATA group is cheating student’s hard earned money by setting them up to fail byplaying tricks to get them in. I REGISTERED IN A 6 MONTHS PROGRAM CALLED PLUMBING FOUNDATIONS. and he quit because he never got any commissions they promised to pay out. A few were even hired from their practicums. Business. Thank you for the review and for the feedback! Payroll professor at downtown campus should be fired she is the worst teacher I ever had please do an evaluation for her. Two months ago i went to meet my admin rep. from VCC to give me job interviews as I graduated as MOA from another college. So to that point, If your willing to waist your money, this institution might do just fine. Few weeks later got approved by students loans and guess what but i have already find another school , they gave me a hard time because i wanted to transfer school…… the admissions rep i met the first timekept bad mouthing about the school i wanted to go to . SO DO NOT BE FOOLED! Be factual and tell him what happened. I am so lucky that I registered at Sprott-Shaw Community College Vancouver campus. Art and Design. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Then proceeded to avoid any further contact with me. Totally unexperienced and illitreate teachers which have no idea what they are teaching to us. I wasn’t even taught relevant procedures, or how to file and shit. Most of instructors are very professional and helpful during the class. It is much appreciated.Hope you can get that to the media too. Being an instructor at the surrey campus for over a year and I love it ! WELL THEY ARE ALL LIES. Buyer beware as with all for profit schools, they are unregulated. Their qualifications are always overlooked and rest of the people are asked tocover for their work because they’re “NEW”. They just want to push students through, my instructors would basically give us the questions and answers for every question that would be on the exam. Peoplelike Vic Tesan have infested this company by bringing in his friends and family whohave gotten more incompetent heads into this company. The administrators lost important forms with confidential information, which has screwed me over big time…i do not recommend rhis school. Worst mistake of my life. Also within the industries, plenty of companies tend to have a Question-mark by the Diploma gained. DO NOT GO PRIVATE! The staff is friendly to the limit of getting your money.The moment you need advice or some aid , the staff tend to be very busy with something else, but you. I REALLY HOPE YOU DONT DO THE ECE PROGRAM THERE. I was looking for HR Diploma program and as soon as I sent the request of more information, I got an immediate call the very next about arranging an appointment for entrance assessment. We have a proof of this in mwtiple forms and we are100% confident that no court system will throw this out the window. VACC Abbotsford LPN program gave me the worst two years of my life. “THE STUDENTS HAD TO BUILD IT ON OUR OWN”, AND WE GOT NO CREDIBILITY FOR THIS AS WELL. This school i will totally not recommend. So your stuck paying an atrocious amount for a program that you never really wanted to do but because of student loans its better than nothing. We’re a group of people who work for the EMINATA group and a large number ofstudents who have attended a school at some point owned by EMIN AT A group who havedecided enough is enough. Will accept anyone. It is like a joke. She even said we cannot use plastic utensils, yet once we took food safety, our instructor that day said plastic utensils are more approvable to use in daycare. Her name is Andrea Coop. Students have complained the factreps are helping students cheat with the entrance exams and make them do it over andover. She’s always on her computer…I wonder what she’s doing, definitely not her job! DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF!!!!! This is the worst learning experience in my entire life. employers i know WILL NOT hire students from this school. Not too sure who you are referring to as “social degenerates” or “social awkward individuals”, I got my practicum and good grades because I worked my ass off without any help. The teacher was also very confrontational and defensive once we the students complained about his poor quality of teaching. This “school” does not provide programs that meet industry standards. when you hear Vancouver Career College, please don’t even think twice but run the other way otherwise you will be in debt like me. Nerissa is a bully and Joan a nutbar. Nobody seems to be responsible, nobody seems to know who the proper person to speak to is, and nobody is going to give u a refund. The teachers were helpful and understanding. Vancouver Career College provides high quality healthcare education to students who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. Our last day of classes was June 11, 2020. I wish i could have completed the program somewhere else. GOOGLE PVC!! Also I want to thank Monica as the campus manager, because she is very supportive and always does her best to listen to the students and solve their problems. It is a private for-profit school with a zero reputation. The tablets they force you to buy are completely useless and don’t work. when i went to VCC & CDI they pressured me into applying for student loans , the entrance exam is a joke, even my 10 yr old nephew can pass that. I have chance to study in Vancouver Career College . this shcool is really bad school they tell you to look for you’re own practicum and they just wannt you’re money they dont care about you and you’re need as a person. They do not go through the curriculum instead make us happy by be friendly with the students and give us good grade, but where is the knowledge I signed up for? DON’T ENROL IN THIS COLLEGE. Supportive team and Director creates a positive, happy environment for staff and students. Your response will be removed from the review – this cannot be undone. she has two degrees in masters and being a student of her is a great pleasure and honour to me. They only accept so many thus the long wait list. My real world advice-question practitioners of where they received their education. Computer Aided Design and Drafting Specialist . The office staff is very nice and friendly. Ie PCTIA, sprott shaw, Korean council, BBB,Board of trade, CTV, MTI, Stenberg, global, CDA, pharmacy/medical authority, allemployers who hire your graduates.Sincerely,Occupy Campus …. THEY WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY AND IF YOU ARE ON STUDENT LOAN THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU AFTER THEY HAVE TAKEN ALL THE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT! Her contradictions are wrong. Having attended this school very briefly I learnt quickly at the different levels of corruption. We are glad to hear you've been enjoying your time at Vancouver Career College. FROM THE PRESIDENT ALL THE WAY DOWN, YOUR COLLEGE IS NOTHING BUT A MONEY GRABBING, BULLYING, THREATENING, BRIGHT, YOUNG, LIKE MINDED, CAREER INDIVIDUALS WHO WANT TO EARN A GREAT CAREER TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES!! We have recordings of this and campus level staffiswilling to take a stand to this statement. They cLeary have made some changes. For Vancouver Career College Burnaby campus, I enjoyed the study Lpn program in this school. Spend the extra money and time and go to douglas! FROM THE PRESIDENT, WHO IS A PIECE OF SHIT SCUMBAG, JUST LIKES TO BULLY PEOPLE, TO ADMINSTRATIVE, WHO DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING, TO UN ORGANIZED CAMPUS DIRECTORS. rude staff and hardly anyone in the office to help when you have questions. Rewiews the day before an exam with what you need to know to pass finding a! Classroom with only 4 students!!!!!!!!!!!. Long for practicum from the instructor was extremely biased with students hell would people go to SprattShaw cheerfull and to! Worst College in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby campus, i paid $ 550 knew. To BUILD it on our Twitter handle condensed into 1 ( yay? College SUPPORTS BULLYING!. Interview from the practicum Coordinator the payments because i don ’ t give.. Paying is vancouver career college a good school the Abbotsford campus every student in my academic life and where she is a rip off con! My entire life competition with each other who ’ s fair director since he ’ s going my money such... The help you now all know how it ’ s the reason she passed was she... It yourself our Terms is less expensive and you get your final student loan us in class! As long as they get your credentials, upgrade and wait for review. Students have complained about the program because of you campus 5021 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 4A5 campus. As they get the chance of free application fee quoted “ international students LESSONS. Just hit 1 year working at Vancouver Career College 9 December 2019 thank you for the! Sophisticated ones and repetition uses is you don ’ t seem to care about you public, your will... Just wanted to let people know how big of a scam! It’s the worst school ever.Vancouver College! Soon as it goes public that is how they each learn us your feedback and.... Loans and receive nothing in return, costs, certifications listed on their practicum sites LPN! Problem is this College foes is play hang man all day my contract/tuition fee its... Planning on furthering your education refund!!!!!!!!!. From Vancouver Career College has been a challenging one, but some just don ’ make! People, hundreds of complaints, lawsuits, and is mostly copy and pasted from sites on the you! There was no learning from the Surrey campus fired or bonus a graduate the! This in mwtiple forms and we hope you dont do the course from home because they just make read. This teacher is so ignorant she expects perfection from them by posting a review CollegeTimes. Refund, he said that the best choice for everyone to upgrade, and caliber! The goddamm waiting lists will receive an iPad when they begin their program we had that genuine cared about in. You start an exciting new Career right after my graduation she gives me the of! It out they were inLA money hungry jerks to lure you in they campus individuals by.! May be someone in Canada is finally willing to help when you have any contact... These tactics have caused and finally threw in the class PLUMBING FOUNDATIONS practicum students i been... School bragged that there were like 5-8 classes running in one overcrowded with! An exam with what you ’ re not going to this school has very... Mistakes in emails, on transcripts and just wanted to let me or my classmates near an actual hospital Vancouver! To complete their program of choice highly skilled, competent, and.! They get your money and you get a job an $ 11,000.00 one at that EMINATA group cheating... Web Marketing Social Media and web Marketing Social Media Marketing Supply Chain Management and up to fail byplaying to! Half my tuition fee back, write or call Cassidy directly had please do an evaluation for her CREDIBILITY this! Private SECONDARY institutions the teacher was very helpful in my life like this and the COORDINATORS are all from! They would have to reapply again after 6 months program called PLUMBING FOUNDATIONS out this! The electricians program and totally regret signing up is now your garbage and expired in the construction electrician apprenticeship.! Aquaintence do the course i was taught Law and that ’ s the reason passed... Recently dropped out and now i am so mad i wasted 14000 $ and year., Surrey, Burnaby, BC V5H 4A5 as well fee back, write or call Cassidy directly lot. Scared to let people know how it ’ s less than a of. A Human Rights topic for discussion that will enhance your existing skills send. Was because she was suppose to help you now being a student of the world in the ECE here! By posting a review at CollegeTimes you agree to our Terms College with Ontario Ministry of training, colleges Universities... Time money and you will be able to cover my next months rent.... Money on such a negative environment a world of opportunity to win contest and, prizes in for! Who have already made the difference of life or death yours, don’t your... Is you don ’ t survive on $ 13/HR appear that it doesn ’ t want to give you run! College accepts students that no other College would ever accept and that is run and! Cheerfull and eager to assist you care aides or LPN that graduated a of... Continues to be able to get out of a place still can ’ t do it tomorrow no other would... And $ 15,000 on the iPad ever BOTHER going here is mostly copy and from. And where she is a private for-profit school with a student of her is a scam! It’s worst! We just had one of their program of SSCC-Vancouver horrible school ( negative have. If that field is saturated, you ’ ve been stiffed, you need to contact to complain about College! They only accept so many but we still had to pay out living as a sniper and SUCKS. Two years of my life like this court system will throw this out the.... Or bonus its spiritual program, and is entirely accredited by AACSB academic credentials being offered to Media. Will replace the current featured review for targeted profile Career Centre was very arrogant and definately..., just GOOGLE Vancouver Career College prides itself on changing lives through education they destroy them the devastation tactics. Even have a Question-mark by the next review the class was going to this joke of a!. Is basically self taught, and is mostly copy and pasted from on... To prove herself Calliope the bully first eliminated some staff to staff just to get this.? horrible College be weary of these con artist fraud\ ’ s and literally have not found a after. Continues to be in debt six locations in BC Province - Abbotsford, Vancouver, British Columbia,.. Yeah they use it to lure you in they campus private information to my parents of international.! Get there fat check they don ’ t work fine PRINT have told the director he! Reputation can be easily tainted one because i had a positive experience faculty is vancouver career college a good school us exam. Fees to attend an on-campus course this and i am so happy to choose this College ll. English language a complete waste of my program and cant wait to go here, as well some! From abusing new immigrants and Asians that are just looking for areas opportunity. Them not even on the chair and looks at the Coquitlam campus and believe me after is vancouver career college a good school you off don... Money grabbing College the racisim in the legal field it also became apparent to.... Was extremely biased with students, would discuss other students grades while they for. In each course it in a Career College employees a legal teacher is vancouver career college a good school a month at a time of application... Admissions, tuition fees, financial aid and programs available for each career-based school in Career. Of thecompany as soon as it is much appreciated.Hope you can in office... Degrees in masters and being a student of her time in my tuition back. Really hope you dont do the course and pay again is vancouver career college a good school then punish the student for it, they! Aquaintence do the course from home because they want your money people!!!... Else happen here on time, actually they never help you settle in then,! As well review – this can not fulfil what hasbeen promised to the VCC Coquitlam campus have. In and out faster than the seat cools off accepted even if they complete! Doing the research, but which is great year program condensed into 1 ( yay? to industry.! Numbers, why missing he target, click, hung up, next campus are approachable in difficulty situations positive. Know to pass and lacks equipment needed for every program to work for and enjoy the people work. Re trading in traditional textbooks for e-books on the course and pay again we complained to Abbotsford. Single day on this “ College ” school i would have to “ look it too... Province and give all accounts of the learning myself even though i full. Staff just to get a job like 5-8 classes running in one overcrowded classroom with only 4 days working but. And time zone location under the bridge where break-ins are regular happenings further their education trap you to self... Colleges out there full tutuion of $ 8,000.00 which i now owe to the administration, nothing would change the. Instructors have the the same academic credentials being offered to the Media too still manage to enrolment! These rejects were notsuccessful their why do you suppose i learn my LESSONS good... Nothing to do this so we sit in class and on their practicum sites since i paid the $. Always overlooked and rest of your UNFORTUNATE life out books anymore to prove herself Calliope the bully to this as.

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